Monday, March 23, 2009


still here! nope, i haven't abandoned my blog, how could I? it's just that unfortunate string of events had happened in the homefront the last two weeks... the reason i was experiencing recurring headaches {or maybe it was the crazy weather we're having? yeah, maybe...}

just a recap of the last two weeks:

washing machine breaking down.
no, the washer is working all right, but the dryer isn't.
not good, sun is currently AWOL in this part of the world.
calling friends for help.
friends contacting repairman.

repairman coming.
looks at the machine.
dragging the machine in the terrace {through the living room}.
making a mess.

pretends to repair.
cannot repair.
i'm left with the mess.
dryer still not working.

calls the manufacturer [haier].
repairman coming.
checks the machine.
old model.
calls company..
will come back tomorrow.

water heater decides not to work as well.
dryer + water heater.
boils water in the stove.

ask friends {again} for help.
calls the manufacturer.
will come tomorrow.

w. machine repairman arrives.
repairs the machine.
removes a broken part.
too much noise.
oh well.
as long as it's working.

water heater repairman arrives.
inspects the machine.
points out a few things.
in chinese.
explains what's wrong.
in chinese.
friend translates.
it's now working.
thank goodness.

in frantic search for the receipt.
otherwise i'll pay.
found receipt.

now, its the water pipes turn.
calls village management office.
sends repairman.

needs to replace everything.
kitchen sink faucet.
bathroom sink faucet.

had to buy new ones.

replacement done.
everything's fixed.

that's what i thought.
a few days later.

on a friday.
no dialtone.
intermittent internet connection.
tired of calling friends for help.

cannot wait any longer.
asks gabe to report to china unicom.
calls 10000 help hotline.

decides to 'sms' friend.
somebody comes.
checks the lines.
after few minutes.
finally, dialtone.
how i've missed that sound.

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