Saturday, December 13, 2008

Battle of the Brainless - Season 17

a recent conversation we had... saturday night, on the family couch...

(while choosing which dvd to watch...)

gabe: daddy, ano nga ba ung show na nakakatulong sila sa people?

daddy: heroes?

gabe: hindi, ung 4 sila?

mommy: fantastic 4?

gabe: ung me "i{eye}"

mommy: aaa, incredibles?

gabe: hindi, ung mga bading sila

daddy: aaa, x-men!

{at this point, we are already laughing...imagining we are in the 'battle of the brainless'!}

ending: QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY pala ang sagot! nyahahhaa! {yup, tumutulong sila sa people tho' they're not heroes, notice the eye in queer eye, but they're 5 not 4 hehehe!}

we had a good laugh! fun times!

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