Wednesday, December 3, 2008

welcome to 'blogland'

why blog? i used to maintain one in friendster where i write about anything and everything everyday mundane things... and then it got 'blocked' (not my blog but the whole blogsite... there aren't actually lots of stories to tell or amazing adventures to write about... my life here in shenzhen is so ordinary to the point of being b-o-r-i-n-g sometimes (but i'm not complaining, i heart my life!)... everyday on school day, i set my alarm at 6:30 but when it goes off, i hit the snooze for 15mins... and then hit it again for another 5mins... and then i wake my son up, prepare breakfast for him and then sit with him at the table while he munch on his favorite peanut butter sandwich (which he eat almost every morning, and doesn't get tired of it!) after my son goes off to school and after i clear the table (sometimes!) i turn on the computer and go online - check my mail on gmail, check updates on my friendster account, and then PEP for a gossip fix... if it's not too cold or if i'm not too sleepy i try to drag myself downstairs to walk around for a bit or do some errands... coz that is the only time i can get my butt off the computer chair! hah!

we 'blog' for different reasons... for me it is a creative outlet of sorts, to express myself, it's like having a best friend whom you can tell everything to, it is the new form of journaling or keeping a diary... i don't keep a diary, not anymore, but i do write, i looovee writing... i write just about anything, you know, everyday 'stuff'...

so, why do i blog? my reason is simple, i don't ever want to forget, things are fleeting and moments are just moments, you can never bring it back once it's over! i want to remember, period!

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