Saturday, January 10, 2009


it's already 2009 and i'm still SLACKING! aaaaahhhh again!!! still have the hang-over of the past holiday season, i actually dont want it to end, i still have the christmas decorations up, i might have to leave it there till valentine...

i'll be back soon!

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2L3Bs World said...

hi dot&co, thanks sa remarks. i just found yours in the feedjit list. nice seeing people around especially those hailed from neighbouring towns. nandito si sherman sa china (hainan). he worked with my husband before. Dito na nag-aral at nag-graduate ng college ang kids namin. nice to see you and your family. we got a flat in Dongle Garden near Lowu. You can always contact and visit us if you got time. Our landline is 25007364 / MP 13006696247.