Monday, January 12, 2009

goals for 09...

*still on semi-hibernation mode* [what can i do, it's 9degrees outside!]

12 days into the new year and i'm still PROCRASTINATING! i hate it when that happens! i should've posted my goals for this year earlier... but then, it's better late than never!

this year i want to/love to/wish to/promise to:

- practice more on photoshop [since i already learned the basics last year]

- stay more organized and motivated @ home [translation: STOP procrastinating!]

- stay fit, eat right, work-out more [it's embarassing how little exercise i currently get]

- stop worrying too much [it's like i worry too much or doesn't worry at all, talk about extremes there!]

- try to scrap more [or take less pictures, lol!]

- get things done [translation: NO more procrastination!]

- spend less, save more [yeah right, easier said than done!]

- travel when we can [wishy wishy wish!]

- laugh at every opportunity

- spend less time online *fingers crossed*

- learn how to bake [seriously! i would love to be able to make homemade cookies, cakes and pastries, isn't it a mom's job to make homemade cookies?]

- start my own business, an online shop perhaps [is that a smile im seeing, hun? finally huh? hehe!]

- learn how to sew and make patterns [it's never too late right?]

- lighten up a bit

- stop being 'idle' [translation: STOP procrastinating!]

- learn video-making [windows movie-maker, that shouldn't be hard!]

- practice generosity [with the time and money i could spare]

- learn web-development [gotta get IT-cized*made that word up*]

- not be afraid to try new things

- spend more time with our LORD

- at least control my impulse-buying if not totally eradicate it [can't believe we've accumulated so much stuff!]

- improve my mandarin

- learn the virtue of patience [especially with my ten-year old]

- organize our gazillion of photos and be able to put it all in albums

*this list shall continue as i try to think of more ways to improve our life*


* disclaimer: though these are my goals for the year, they are just goals... i'm not going to beat myself up if i cannot keep up with it...

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