Monday, January 26, 2009

the year of the [rockin'] ox

Ox [me]

The ox may be quiet, but this natural leader is not easily swayed, and may even be ruthless when it comes to getting his or her way. The upcoming year will be stressful, with relationship problems emerging. People with ox spouses should understand that the ox will be particularly hot-headed this year. *watch out hun*

Famous Ox: Barack Obama

Rabbit [hubby]

Rabbits are tactful, diplomatic, optimistic and eager to please. Money will flow in and out easily this year *gasp*. Hard work and determination will be needed to combat work and financial setbacks. The rabbit's love life, however, will be peppered with good humor.
Tiger [gabe]

The tiger is impulsive, thrill-seeking and passionate. He or she is also energetic, gutsy and exudes confidence. The year of the ox will be a mixed year. The tiger should be on alert for litigation and gossip. He or she will spend this year hard at work in preparation now and will be reaping the benefits the next lunar year.

* words in italics seems to be true *

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